Quality Painting Made Easy

Our company’s industrial painting service is an excellent choice for your industrial makeover. We are capable of handling various sizes of industrial painting contracts, regardless of the industry you are in. Our professional crew of expert painters will get the job done, ensuring both quality and safety. Due to our high-end methodology, Hartman Sons have received a nationwide reputation.

Through our and our crew’s extensive experience in providing industrial painting services, we are able to exceed our client’s expectations. With proper and thorough cleaning, we deliver exceptional paint finish to your ceilings, walls, and floors. After all, we are industrial painting experts.

Hartman Sons – The Perfect Choice for You

Our Process

At Harman Sons, we cover a large variety of industrial projects; surface prep, a complete painting of any given industrial structure/warehouse, painting industrial machinery and equipment, etc. Before the initial painting begins after our crew has prepared your structure, warehouse, or machinery for receiving paint.

Due to the nature of industries, there might be a need to clean grim or corrosive material from the walls and ceilings. Clean and dry surfaces will ensure better coverage and paint adhesion. Other precautions also include separating the machinery for rough cleaning through sandblasting and hydropower wash, before giving it a fresh coat of paint.